OliveOiL – ID is an innovative collaboration approach (cluster) between agro-food operators from different regions of the country, in order to jointly introduce, develop and implement the idea of the geographical identity of olive oil .

The path of a product from field to shelf can become so complicated that it ultimately leads to the consumer being misled as to the true origin of the olive oil they are buying.

The specific project comes to answer the consumer’s need to know what olive oil he has, by developing the first identification map of the geographical origin of olive oil. This procedure will allow the identification of the geographical zone in which an olive oil has been produced, thus combating counterfeiting and misleading the consumer public.

At the same time, the new tool for determining geographical origin, based on the power of scientific knowledge and technological innovation, will be a weapon for producers organized under the umbrella of Agricultural Cooperatives and Producer Organizations, since it will allow them to protect their product enhancing the brand name of their product.

GAIA EPICHEIREIN has the coordinating role of the OiliveOil-ID Collaborative Innovation Cluster. The activities of the Cluster will take place in the areas of Mytilini and Sitia in Crete with the direct involvement of the Cooperatives and local producers.

The areas have been chosen for the special characteristics of the olive oil given the relevant indications that they bear as PGI – Protected Geographical Indication and PDO – Protected Designation of Origin.